Welcome to Brewniac's home page!

Or how I like to call it: my virtual laboratory.

This remote corner in the vastness of cyberspace was created to experiment with personal blogging, to process thoughts, organize my mind, and share small projects and ideas with whoever may be listening.

It's curious how much we can get in touch with when we start to write down our thoughts. If you want to think better, write more.

"Writing is nature’s way of letting you know how sloppy your thinking is."- Guindon


2024-02-05 -> Added a new article: Interview With an Adware Author (I'm not the article's author).
2024-01-25 -> Updated the link directory with a new website: Web Design Museum.
2024-01-14 -> Added a new link directory with websites I've found interesting.
2024-01-13 -> Updated the article about commands to narrow down search engines results.